Most countries are pretty clear about whether betting on sports is legal, and make it well known to citizens of the country. In Canada, however, there are a few grey areas in the betting world that deserve a closer look, especially if you are a Canadian resident looking to place a few bets.

First, betting on sports is legal in Canada, but with a very strict sub clause. Betting on sports is legal only if using the provincial government established and run entities. In this fashion Canadians may place bets on whichever sporting event they see fit, as long as they use this method. Continue reading “Canadian Sports Betting Laws”

Who doesn’t love an underdog story? Rocky was a legend, after all, because he somehow always managed to be the underdog rising to beat impossible odds. Real life sports are also full of underdog stories, and the NHL, National Hockey League, is certainly no different.

There have been a number of amazing NHL underdog team stories, all of which have managed to get the fans off their seats and cheering. Some underdog stories, however, have been so great as to pass into legend, spoken about for years afterwards. Here are some of the most amazing NHL underdog stories in history. Continue reading “Biggest Underdog Wins In The NHL”

League of Legends, also referred to as LoL, is a popular ESport. An ESport, for those who may not be aware, is a video game played on a professional level. ESports have been rapidly gaining popularity in New Zealand and the world, sparking a massive increase in bet making on ESport games.

League of Legends, being a game played by millions across the world, has been a central focus of much of the bet making activity. Continue reading “League of Legends Betting”

Hatrick racetrack lends itself to high-octane greyhound racing action. Hosting in excess of one hundred race meetings each season, Hatrick provides punters with top class greyhound betting opportunities.

Greyhound racing across Australasia is a highly competitive organized sporting event. Punters should keep in mind that wagering on greyhound racing differs vastly from horse racing.

Greyhound racing is far more opportunistic. The discipline relies on the greyhound’s individual capabilities, rather than the combined efforts of the jockey and horse. Continue reading “Hatrick Racetrack Betting Tips “

No Deposit Bonus Offers at Microgaming Sites

Playing online casino games is becoming more and more popular as a form of entertainment and fun that is easy to play, quick and easy to access, and more convenient than other form of gaming. There is no other form of entertainment that players can enjoy while on a lunch break at the office, or while travelling in the train.

Online casinos are taking advantage of the increasing number of players who enjoy the immediate and instant form of playing casino games, and are offering a number of bonuses to help new players get started on this new hobby. A no deposit bonus Microgaming offers as part of this attempt at attracting the new players, and these bonuses offer several benefits and advantages that will appeal to everyone.

How to Qualify for this Bonus

To qualify for the no deposit bonus Microgaming offers, all that the player has to do is to register at an online casino and open a real money account. Money or points, or free spins is added to the players’s account, before there is any money deposited, and the player can begin gambling immediately with the casinos’s money. As anyone can see, there are plenty of benefits attained by accepting this offer. The no deposit bonus Microgaming offers  will give players a chance to learn the rules of their chosen game, practise all the procedures or strategies they needs to play the game well, and can try out any game they are unfamiliar with. This is all done without using any of their own money.

There is a wide selection of games the player can decide to play. All Microgaming casinos offer a large array of the traditional table games like blackjack and baccarat, and most Microgaming casinos offer all the latest variants of poker as well. The no deposit bonus Microgaming will offer new players can also include games like bingo or keno, or craps, or even speciality games like Sic Bo. These games are especially beneficial for players to try on the no deposit bonus Microgaming gives, as there are numerous strategies and procedures that it is wise to practise before trying to wager real money.

An Enormous Selection of Slot Games

If the players’ interest is in playing slots games, there will be an enormous selection at any Microgaming casino in the Philippines for them to try. In fact sometimes the no deposit bonus Microgaming offers can be taken in the form of free spins on a popular slots game. Microgaming is one of the original games developers who modernised and improved the slots game, until they have become the stunning and sophisticated games that are seen at any online casino today. They all provide interesting themes, beautiful graphics and sound effects, and a range of bonuses and free spins that can end up as huge rewards in the player’s pockets.

The no deposit bonus Microgaming offered to all players in the Philippines does require the player to fulfil certain restrictions in their wagering. The terms and conditions may vary from casino to casino, so it is wise to find out all the details regarding these regulations, to make sure all these requirements can be met. Once the player is happy that he can comply with these conditions, and he has met them, he can begin withdrawing from his account any winnings he may have made while playing with the no deposit bonus Microgaming has given.

The No Deposit Bonus Casino on Microgaming Software

Many people in the Philippines are finding that playing casino games online can be an extremely enjoyable experience, and because of that, the industry is booming and growing in leaps and bounds. All Microgaming online casinos also offer great incentives for new players to sign up and join in the fun. There are great opportunities for players in the Philippines to sign up and enjoy the thrill of gambling on the internet, without risking any of their own money.

Thanks to all the technological marvels in the casino world today, players in the Philippines can enjoy all the entertainment of casino games within the privacy of their own home. Most online games are available to players in the mobile version as well, and can be played on a smart phone or tablet in the lunch break at office, or while enjoying a cup of coffee at a cafe.

Microgaming has Created Hundreds of Games

Microgaming casinos offer hundreds of games that this software developer has created. Players can enjoy all the table games like blackjack, poker and roulette, or the stunning slot games that are available today. Microgaming also offers a great bonus program, and the different forms of the no deposit bonus casino Microgaming gives players very popular with all new players.

An ideal way to enjoy playing casino games, whether online or on a smart phone, is to make use of the no deposit bonus casino Microgaming offers. Microgaming online casinos offer a range of welcome bonuses in order to attract new players, and they all give players the opportunity of playing any game without any financial commitment. The no deposit bonus casino Microgaming offers is definitely the most popular of all welcome bonuses.

To Qualify for the No Deposit Bonus

To qualify for this bonus, all the player needs to do is to sign up at a casino, and open a real money account. There is no need to deposit money into the account, or to give any credit card details. You submit your request for the no deposit bonus casino Microgaming offers, and the amount of money of the bonus will be deposited into your casino account. Players should make sure they understand all the rules restrictions casinos may impose, and ensure that they can comply with these requirements. Also, different casinos may have different regulations regarding their bonuses. Often the restrictions are on play time limits, the minimum levels of play players have to comply with, and perhaps betting amounts that have to be met.

Free Spins on the Slot Games

The no deposit bonus casino Microgaming gives players, often takes the form of a number of free spins. This will be the same value as the no deposit bonus consisting of an amount of money. If the player is joining the online casino in order to play the fascinating slots games that are available these days, the free spins no deposit offer is the bonus that is most popular. The Free spins offer allows the player to play the latest of these amazing games, win some money, without taking any risk with their own money. As soon as the required wagering regulations are met, all the winnings that are made during the free play will be paid out to the player’s account.

Free spins is also a great marketing technique often used to attract players when a new game is launched or promoted. This no deposit bonus casino Microgaming offers players a great opportunity to try the new game.

At the Top are Microgaming Sites

Microgaming sites, when it comes to the playing of casino games, tell their own story. And this story is one of pleasing game design, unsurpassed jackpots, and the most substantial number of online casino games. If utopia were an online casino, it would be one of the top Microgaming sites.

Players from the Philippines have access to some of the best in casino sites, a realm of entertainment, prizes, jackpots, bonuses and thrills that are brought to the Philippines by the software giant that is Microgaming. There is an adventure of casino play waiting for everyone, a cornucopia of winnings and white-knuckle immersion.

A History of Care

To fully appreciate why Microgaming and Microgaming casino software are of such quality, some of the history of the company needs to be told. Microgaming came to be on the Isle of Man, in the UK, during the early nineties. They quickly drew a response from casino players simply because they designed the games with the player in mind, and addressed the issues that they needed. The nett result is casino and game software that is totally reliable, with simple, efficient and safe game interactions, and a constant outflow of fresh and unique games. These casinos are available to players from the Philippines to make the most of.

Microgaming has produced more than 1200 different games. More are released monthly, and sifting through them is an adventure in itself. Most of the possible online casino games are on the menu, and the gameplay options for Philippine players are virtually endless. Entire epic genres like poker, blackjack, roulette and slots, to mention but a few.

Fair Play and Game Odds

Despite all these wonderful aspects to Microgaming sites, perhaps the most impressive of all is the level of random number generation that Microgaming manage to create. The generation of numbers, cards, rolls of the dice and spins of the wheel is supposed to be completely random. This is the fairest for players and means that the house odds on games are exactly like those at land-based casinos, and characteristic of the game itself.

Microgaming sites have a fully validated Random Number Generator, by independent auditors, and this provides a level of randomness that is above the expected industry norms. This assures players of a fair game every turn. Microgaming sites back up this basic requirement with dedicated support staff and a full technological team that means players can obtain assistance 24/7.

Some Key Attractions

In a tour of Microgaming sites, Philippine players should always look at the slots enclosure. These wild-ridden machines all have a unique story, wonderful design and jackpot winning possibilities with every spin. Microgaming have stayed at the forefront of casino development for three decades by anticipating trends and player interests. Their latter software is HTML5 based, and therefore available for instant play both online and with nearly all mobile devices.

Obviously, safety and security are vital. Microgaming sites have the highest levels of encryption and protections, so Philippines players will find their details protected and safe transactions are assured. The software is smooth and advanced, guaranteeing smooth gameplay virtually unlimited user support. And, an impressive community of players that demand the very highest in virtual casino entertainment, bonuses and promotions. So therefore, whatever casino game a Philippine player could want, Microgaming sites will be able to offer it.

Accepting a Microgaming No Deposit Bonus Gives Great Benefits

Playing the huge array of games offered at any online casinos these days has become an exciting adventure. The variety of games offered is incredibly wide, and the convenience of being able to access these games at any time of day is another huge attraction. Being able to relax in your own home and log on to your laptop or switch on your smart phone or tablet to play games, is greatly appreciated by most players. Games played on a laptop or mobile device offer identical bonuses and promotions, and are of the same high quality as those played at a conventional land casino.

The casino industry is enormous business these days, all over the world, and the online casino is becoming more and more popular among players in the Philippines and elsewhere. Modern technology is making sure that all the games are easy to play, with smooth game play, which also makes sure that players receive the utmost fun and enjoyment while indulging in their hobby.

New Players Can Use a No Deposit Bonus

All players in the Philippines are encouraged to take advantage of the bonuses offered by Microgaming casinos. New players are offered a welcome bonus at Microgaming casinos, and no deposit bonus. The Microgaming no deposit bonus is very popular, as it allows players to play a variety of games and even win some money, all without any financial commitment. It is always an advantage to the beginning player in the Philippines to accept the offer of this Microgaming no deposit bonus.

In order to qualify for this bonus, the player needs to register, open a real money account, and request the Microgaming no deposit bonus. The player will be immediately able to play any number of the online casino games. You do not need to make a deposit or provide any personal or financial details. The player will not need to place a real bet, or to fund their account.

The Chance to Practise The Games

The Microgaming no deposit bonus provides an invaluable opportunity for the player to learn the rules of any game, to practise it and become familiar with all the procedures and strategies that may be involved. There is also the benefit of being able to play a game and learn all the best moves, without needing to use money from your bankroll. A Microgaming no deposit bonus is one of the great offers made by online casinos which it would benefit the new player to accept.

Players may be interested in the table or card games like blackjack or baccarat, or any variant of poker. Players may prefer games of chance like roulette, keno or bingo, or they may, like most online casino players, want to play the hugely popular slot games.

Either Money or Free Spins

The Microgaming no deposit bonus can be awarded in two forms, either a set amount of money or a set number of free spins that can be played on one of the casino’s popular slot games. Both free benefits have essentially the same value. The offer of Free spins is also used by online casinos to promote a new game.

The Microgaming no deposit bonus is subject to some restrictions, which may vary from casino to casino. It is wise for new players to find out about all the terms and conditions imposed to make sure that they can comply with them all. As soon as these restrictions have been met, the player can start withdrawing their winnings from their accounts.

The Microgaming Mobile Casino No Deposit Bonus

If you are going to play on your smartphone, then you might as well take on the real thing. Poker, blackjack, roulette or slots are all available on mobile, and will prove to be an intense and gripping virtual pastime. Players who want the additional thrill of playing for real money can also do this. The best way of doing this is by going to an online casino that runs on Microgaming software.

Microgaming powered casino games have developed an excellent reputation for quality and varied gameplay, using all the latest technology to bring players and excellent mobile casino experience with all the benefits that have come to be associated with online casino play such as no deposit bonuses.

The Microgaming Legacy

Microgaming, as casino software developers, are the industry leaders in online casino gaming and tend to pave the way for the rest of the market. All competitive casino sites will be trying to entice new visitors and this is something Microgaming have always understood. Much as online casino use no deposit bonus offers to allow players the opportunity to play at the casino with no risk, mobile casino allow their prospective clients the very same thing.

Microgaming was part of the first true online casino in 1994, and has kept players entertained and winning ever since. A humble start-up, this multinational franchise has grown astonishingly and has come to be associated with high quality, interactive games of unique design. The casino sites have constantly been upgraded, improved and made more secure. A constant flow of new games appears nearly daily, and they were quick to jump on the mobile bandwagon.

To Encourage New Visitors

Mobile casinos aim to attract both beginners who are looking to learn the ropes of online casino play, and advanced players seeking fresh games. To this end they know that the ultimate client they want is someone who is comfortable at the casino, enjoys the way the site operates, knows how good the range of Microgaming games and casino back-end software is, and keeps coming back and playing more.

To have this type of client, the first step is to give them the opportunity of trying the casino out for free. they will want to test them first. The way that this can be done, on mobile, is using the no deposit bonus. Microgaming powered mobile casinos will always offer a no deposit bonus that will enable visitors to get a real and authentic feel for the site and the range of game play that is available.

Starting with a No Deposit Bonus

The offer of no deposit mobile casino play or bonus is a free play option that is presented to players generally as casino money they receive upon joining the casino. Often this will include free spins or free rounds on certain games. What is more, is that there is even the possibility that the player can play through the bonus value sufficient times to cover the wagering requirements, and eventually withdraw the money.

Most importantly, perhaps is the fact that a Microgaming mobile no deposit bonus invites play at a casino that has a tried and tested Random Number Generator. This means a proven, fair gaming experience. Microgaming casino also offer online support and the latest HTML5 game play that suits all mobile operating systems. These are the casinos that no deposit bonuses are designed for.

Strike It Lucky With Gold Strike Slots Game

Set against a backdrop of desert scenery, Gold Strike is a five reel slot that features twenty fixed paylines and a Wild West-inspired theme. Players can expect to encounter both wild and scatter symbols on the reels, as well as an interesting three-stage bonus feature.

Although the Wild West theme might not be uniquely different, Gold Strike offers players a user-friendly interface that along with its fun bonus levels and a gamble feature, combine to create an enjoyable gaming experience.

Gold Strike Reel Symbols

The visual appeal of Gold Strike is quite straightforward and the reel symbols are no different. The game comprises of seven standard reel symbols and two special reel symbols.

Five of the standard reel symbols are represented by the traditional playing card icons of 10, Jack, Queen, King and Ace.  Players will also find a pair of pistols and the Gold Strike logo included in this group.

The wild symbol is depicted as a sheriff’s badge and the scatter symbol comes in the form of a bundle of dynamite. The wild symbol replaces all other reel symbols with the exception of the scatter symbol. Winning combinations of these special symbols trigger wins and bonus features within the game.

Make the Most of the Gamble Feature

Players can choose to make use of the gambling feature before starting the game. Select from the various options available and choose which level you’re comfortable wagering at. The gamble feature in Gold Strike allows players to stake it all and gamble everything, or play it safe and turn the gamble feature off. The gamble option that you’ve selected will remain active for all subsequent games until you decide to change it.

Lock “N” Load Feature

To win on the reels, you must match a minimum of three reel symbols on active payline. The Lock “N” Load bonus feature is activated each time a winning combination appears on the screen, these symbols will be locked in place and trigger a respin. The reels will continue to spin until no more matching symbols appear on the screen.

Have a Blast with Scatter Wins

Scatter wins are triggered when a player lands a minimum of three dynamite scatter symbols on the reels. Get six or more dynamite scatter symbols appearing anywhere on the screen and trigger the three-stage Dynamite Bonus.

3-Level Dynamite Bonus Feature

The first level of the Dynamite Bonus is the Tin Can Alley game. Select which of the tin cans to shoot down in order to reveal a prize. Should you find a gold nugget behind the can, you’ll be able to access the second round called the Lucky Strike Bonus.

During the Lucky Strike Bonus round, you’ll be asked to select one of the 25 locations on the prospector’s map. Your choice will either reveal a cash prize, a Lucky Strike icon or an “X” symbol. If you get an “X” the bonus round automatically comes to an end and you are returned to the main game. If you uncover the Lucky Strike icon, you’ll advance to the third and last bonus level called the Gold Mine.

The Gold Mine is the final bonus level featured in Gold Strike. Players need to pick one of the detonators to blow up a gold mine and reveal an exciting prize.