Play Caribbean Stud Online

Hectic schedules and fast-paced modern living means it isn’t always possible to get card-loving friends together around a table. The same scheduling conflicts make even a mates’ night out at the casino problematic to organise.

That’s why online casinos are a boon to the dedicated poker player; you can play Caribbean stud online all on your own, whenever you like, from anywhere you have an Internet connection and stand a chance to win progressive jackpots on every hand.

There are free casinos that let you play for credits only, which are ideal for players who want to try their luck purely for sport, without betting real money. Of course, those who do like to wager serious stakes have just as many real-money online casinos to choose from, so whether you bet real money or not is entirely up to you.

No Bluffing and No Other Players

The difference between most other poker variations and Caribbean stud is that you play only against the dealer; no other players are involved. Of course, his makes bluffing pointless, so that’s one aspect of the game that those who play Caribbean stud online never have to learn. Another attractive feature of Caribbean stud is its speed. In most versions you place an “ante” bet before the deal, and the dealer deals you each five cards.

You’ll be able to see at least one of the dealer’s cards before you decide either to fold or place a “raise” bet, which is double the value of the ante, after which the dealer reveals the house cards and the best hand wins. No extra cards are drawn and no further bets are placed, so play clips along at a rapid pace.

The usual poker rules apply, with some variations. For example, if the dealer doesn’t have an ace/king or better, the house won’t play, and the player’s raise is returned along with double the ante. But those juicy progressive jackpots are the big incentive to play Caribbean stud online, and serious players always make sure they have a bet on the progressive jackpot button before a deal.

Progressive jackpots, which pay out different percentages on a variety of the strongest hands, can be big money, especially for rare hands like a royal flush. But truly great poker hands come along once or twice in a lifetime, so playing the progressive jackpot on every hand when you play Caribbean stud online is the only way to be sure you will profit from these lucky flukes when they do appear.

You’re Spoilt for Choice

There are hundreds of online casinos, and most also have a mobile site, so anyone keen to play Caribbean stud online has endless options, whether you’re connecting from a laptop, a tablet, a smart phone or a desktop.

Almost every online or mobile casino also offers welcome bonuses and regular rewards bonuses, letting you play Caribbean stud online with a chance to win real money, without having to risk any of your own bankroll when you begin. The more online casinos you’re registered with, the more choice you have when it comes to bonuses on offer, so you can plan a playing session to deliver the best shots at those progressive jackpots, while risking as little of your own stakes as possible. With study and practice, a few minutes of Caribbean stud a day could become a regular treat.

UK’s Top Online Slots

Ever since the invention of slots as far back at the 1800’s, the game has been massively popular with just about everyone who enjoys winning a big jackpot. But the game of online slots, from the UK to the States has come a long way since then, with hundreds (if not thousands) of different variations and pay-outs to spice things up.

Originally, before the game ever went online, the game of slots was just a simple 3 reel machine that activated with a metal pull arm, which gave it the name – the “one armed bandit”. But as the years went by and technology grew ever more complex, the slot machines became that much more fun with extra reels, more pay lines and greater jackpot rewards.

Online Slots for Everyone

This was especially true with the advent of the online slots, with the UK and USA leading the way forward. The new digital medium that online slots were now being played on, offered far greater options with a whole series of jackpot pay-outs, reels and mini games that could never be accomplished on a real slot machine. Even the video slot machines were outdone by the fancy graphics, extra game features and the accessibility of online slots UK games.

Today’s online slots games offer as much as 9, 15, 25 or even as many as 100 different pay lines! This is way more than any land based fruit machine can promise, and makes the list of games far more expansive, detailed and enjoyable. There are games made for every type of player, from simple setups and pay-outs to massively detailed gameplay options that include bonuses and mini games to give that extra punch while playing.

Play Online Slots in the UK

There are several reasons why the game of slots is enjoyed by so many people. The online slots games especially, are often in high demand by players all over the world. The reason for this is because this game of chance doesn’t require a dealer can be played solo and can be played for high stakes or low stakes depending on the game and its options. Then of course there are the massive jackpot pay-outs that some online slots games offer.

Many people favour these options over what other online games offer and can switch between their favourite online slots games on a whim depending on their mood. Some players relish the extra features and mini games that come with modern online slots UK options; they enjoy the additional gameplay, fantastic graphics and animations as well as the cool sound effects and gameplay.

Themed Online Slots

But why stop there? Designers of modern day online slots games choose popular themes for their games that are inspired by our favourite TV shows, comic book characters and well known novels. Who wouldn’t enjoy a themed game of slots while playing online, it makes the unfamiliar feel familiar and throws in a new element of fun that just make the game that much more enjoyable. So login today and find your favourite themed online game of slots and get playing, that jackpot isn’t going to win itself after all!

Claim your Online Casino Bonus

Like any video game, card game or board game, online casino games come with bonus rounds, bonus amounts and free money to play with. That’s a lot of bonuses! And don’t we all want to take part in these special promotions and hand-outs from our gaming houses? So how do we find out which establishments have the best online casino bonus UK offers?

First we take a look at the different types of bonuses there are on offer and then we go hunting for the best UK online casino that houses all the offers mentioned. That way when we play, we are assured of gaining the best advantage by continuously being reinvigorated with bonus money to continue playing online.

The Sign Up Bonus

The signup offer is probably one of the most marketed online casino bonuses in the UK. This is because the gaming houses are trying to get you to sign up with their casino and play at their establishment. It’s true the sign-up offer can only be claimed once, but that means you should be looking for the best signup bonus possible to give you the best edge in the beginning of your gaming experience.

Should you look at the online casino bonus UK offer, the sign up offer is the most diverse, with three very distinctive and different types of offers and applications available. The first is the free money offer, where the act of simply signing up nets you a small amount for free to play with and test the casino.

Note the word “small” however, as these are usually very small amounts. The next most common in the UK’s Online Casino bonuses is the percentage offer, where the casino pays out a percentage of your first deposit at the gaming house. This sign up offer can bring in quite a large amount of free money to begin your play with, so take note of the limits incurred in these offers.

The best however is the match offer! The match bonus states that the online establishment in question will match your first deposit at their gaming establishment with an equal amount of free money to play with. Here is your best chance to gain the upper hand against the UK online casino with your bonus money. Out of the three distinct sign up offers, this particular sign up bonus will net you the most amounts to begin playing with.

The Loyalty Bonus

Many people do not look past the sign up offer, which is a grave mistake if you are looking for the upper hand whilst playing online. The Online Casino Bonus in the UK is not only made up of the sign up offer, it doesn’t stop there. Most online casinos offer loyalty bonuses for their long time playing customers as well and this should absolutely be taken into consideration.

While loyalty offers don’t necessarily give out as much as sign up bonuses in lump sum amounts, over time they add up to a lot more if you continue playing. The more you play, the more you earn and there are often tiers of loyalty rewards depending on how much you play at the online casino. If you take all of these into consideration when choosing your online gaming establishment to play at, you will find that some casinos offer a lot more incentive to play at and in turn give you a better chance of winning!

Best UK Online Casino

Anyone looking for the best online casinos in the UK will have their work cut out for them. There are so many virtual game companies that finding the best is like looking for a needle in a haystack. So many of the online institutions these days have got incredible marketing campaigns and promise only the best in games, customer service and experience. But how do you know which are truly the best UK Online Casinos on the web, how do you find that proverbial needle in the haystack?

There are several ways to find the top internet casinos, especially if you are looking in the UK itself. So let’s have a look at the different aspects of any online games house and see exactly what aspects make a truly decent casino for your entertainment.

Finding the Casino for You

We already know that online casinos offer much better odds and payback percentages than any land based establishment that you might frequent or enjoy. So looking for the best games online is the obvious way to go. But which elements should you be looking at when choosing the best UK Online Casino?

The best is to start with trust. You want to know that the gaming house you frequent is trustworthy, so go onto their website and have a look to see if they publish their pay-out percentages. It is law for them to do this, so if you find an online establishment that is continuously being audited and they are transparent with their pay-outs, then you are looking at a trustworthy online casino. This means that you can deposit your money and begin playing, and when you win, you are guaranteed of being paid your winnings.

Finding the Best Games Online

The next step would be to look at what type of games these websites are offering. The best UK Online Casinos will offer not only the largest selection of games to play, but the best quality games as well. Go online and have a look at some reviews of games, get to know what they offer in terms of pay-out percentages, bonus features and mini games.

Choosing the right set of games to go with your trusted online casino can make all the difference. You are there to have fun and if the selection of games are vast and the quality of games are superb, then you are guaranteed of a good time and you will find yourself coming back for more much like when playing different NZ online pokies.

What Type of UK Casino Should You Play At?

There are many types of online establishments that offer all sorts of different ways to play. The best UK Online Casinos however will offer all the options, so let’s run through the types of gameplay and ways to play that are available to you.

The top casinos will always offer a downloaded variant which has the best graphics and installs on your PC like any other program, as well as a flash or web based interface that will allow you to play on any machine through your web browser without downloading anything. An online casino in the UK with both these options shows that they are dedicated to providing the best gameplay experience to their players, which means your experience is that much better.

Then of course there is the mobile gaming option. Only the number 1 gaming platforms in the UK will offer mobile gaming apps that can be downloaded onto anything from an Android phone to your favourite iPad. This type of mobile gaming will allow you to play anywhere and anytime of your choosing and grants far more accessibility to your gaming experience. So look carefully at the options that the best UK Online casinos are offering you and choose from the best of the best to have the most enjoyable online gaming experience possible!

The Best Mobile Casinos in the UK

In my plenty years of experience as a games reviewer, I have played hundreds (if not thousands) of mobile casino games. The funny thing about it is that there are so many of them that offer a pretty good gaming experience, that it’s often hard to tell which ones the best are. So we invariably end up playing at the one that makes us feel the most comfortable.

However, just feeling comfortable at an online casino should not be a deciding factor of whether it becomes your go-to establishment for mobile gaming. If you are truly looking for the best mobile casinos that the UK has to offer, then you need to put them to a rigorous set of tests to see if they are worthy of your time and money.

Finding the Perfect Mobile Casino

Each mobile casino (if it aims to be one of the best) will offer their mobile games on at least the 3 major mobile platforms. These mobile platforms are Apple’s iPhone and iPad range, the Android mobile phone and tablet range and the Blackberry. You might think to yourself – “but I only own an Android phone, why should I bother looking at a mobile casino that offers Apple support as well?” Well the answer is simple, the best mobile casino UK offers multiple platforms because they know at some point you will want to upgrade, and that might not necessarily be to the same type of mobile phone.

Should you change, you want to be able to continue playing with whatever money you still have in your account. You also want to continue earning those loyalty points and be eligible for those loyalty bonuses without having to find a new mobile casino, sign up and start all over again. This is why the best mobile casino UK offer their games to all the major platforms and are compatible with whatever phone or tablet you are using at the time.

Get the Best Mobile Casino Games

The next thing you want to look at when choosing your mobile gaming establishment is what games they offer, and how well they play on your mobile device. And I don’t mean “do they play properly?” I mean “Do they make the best use of all the features that your mobile device offers”. For instance if you are on an Android device, you might be able to make use of flash, so have a look and see if the mobile casino offers flash support for your mobile games.

The best mobile casino UK has at its disposal will be pushing the latest in mobile gaming technology. They won’t just be pushing out games that you have seen before, they will be at the forefront of innovation, doing things that other mobile casinos in the UK are not doing. Take some time to read what they have to say on their website, test their games and look at their latest releases (as these usually show the latest technologies) and see for yourself which truly is the best mobile casino platform in the UK.

Then sign up, sit back, relax and enjoy what you know to be the best mobile gaming experience on offer!

Online betting is just a modern way of doing an ancient past time. People from centuries ago have been betting and this practice has just taken a new turn. You can now place your bets online and win as you would offline.

To be able to bet online, you will need to register to a bookmaker website. You need to use the website to place your bet. When to place your bet, the online bookmaker will keep the money and when your bet wins, your winnings will be automatically transferred to your account and you can withdraw the money immediately through your choice of payment method. This is basically a simple online betting guide that you should follow if you want to try this past time.

Online betting offers a comfortable way of playing based on events occurrences. You can place your bets on your favorite sports team or your favorite race horse without having to go anywhere. All you need to do is to open your computer and you can start betting right at the comfort of your own home. You can even do it during your work breaks or when travelling on a train or bus, as you can use online betting apps on your smartphone or other mobile Android or Apple devices.

Understanding Bookmakers

Your online bookmaker basically works for you as an offline one is. If your wager wins, they will credit you with the amount of your winning. But if you lose, the staked amount will be taken out from your deposit.

It is relatively easy to register with a bookmaker. There will be no hassles during the registration process as what they really want is to have you on board so that you can start betting. Most bookmakers allow their clients to deposit from debit or credit cards. Some would allow bettors to use their shops for depositing money. Before signing up with a bookmaker, it would be a good idea to make sure that the deposit and payment methods are something that you are familiar with. For instance, you may feel more comfortable making deposits through your debit card, so make sure that the bookmaker site allows for that.

If your bet wins, you can expect your winning to be added to your online account as soon as possible, usually you can see your money within 15 minutes or even less. This means that the money is available for you to take out any time that you want.

If you have been betting for most of your life and you want to experience doing it comfortably, you should really try online betting. You can use your computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone for betting; just make sure you have a good Internet connection so that you can really follow up your wages in real time. Many people are already finding it rewarding and relaxing to bet online, and you shouldn’t be left behind. Find a reliable bookmaker now and register so that you can start betting, and hopefully, winning too.