Discovering China Shores Slot Machine

Against a night-time fireworks display over an exotic pagoda, the China Shores slot machine game presents its reels, during normal play, in a standard five reels, three rows format. During bonus play, however, the reels reconfigure in an interesting cross shape, with four rows on reels one and five, and five rows on the three middle reels.

Released by game developer Komani and now available to online and mobile slots enthusiasts, the layout and design of the symbols in the reels is stark and strong enough to offer decent visibility on smaller screens. The game offers 30 bet lines, and the object as usual is to create combinations of three or more identical symbols consecutively, starting at the left-most reel. Players must bet on all 30 lines on each spin, but they can of course vary the amount per line that they bet.

Exotic and Mundane Symbols Mixed

The China Shores slots game, in common with many other digital slots games, uses standard poker symbols as its low-win icons. The medium icons are represented by symbols that are more identifiably Chinese: paper lanterns, a golden tortoise and a porcelain urn. Combinations of these symbols, however, even the highest-scoring ones, do not yield particularly big wins. Players who would like to take substantial prizes from China Shores slots need patience and a fairly healthy bankroll. It is only when the player starts hitting bonus symbols regularly that the game takes off and starts delivering impressive payouts. This is partly due to the structuring of the bonuses.

Wilds and Scatter Symbols

China Shores slots’ wild symbol is a giant panda, and this icon substitutes for all other icons except the bonus symbol. The panda can appear on any of the five reels, increasing the chances of wins on several bet lines. The bonus symbol is a yin/yang graphic, and three, four or five bonus symbols appearing on the same bet line will trigger 8, 10, or 15 free spins respectively. These are counted per active bet line, so if a bonus icon appears at the intersection of several bet lines, players can trigger even more than 15 spins per bonus round.

Another bonus is the Action Stacked Symbols feature. The game chooses a number of positions adjacent to a reel at random, and stacks them with the same identical icon (any symbol except the wild panda). Because this may cause an entire reel to be stacked with the same symbol, the feature automatically increases the number of possible winning bet lines, and in conjunction with the bonus symbol, can lead to some substantial wins. Another choice that China Shores slot machine offers players after a win is the Balance of Fortune option, in which the player must choose between a cash payout and a certain number of extra free spins. All wins during free spins bonus rounds are doubled, and a new round of free spins can be triggered even within the bonus round. Players with the patience and the funds to keep playing China Shores slots until they start hitting regular bonuses (which in turn beget even more bonuses) can end up with hundreds of free spins, and a resulting spike in the prize money they win.