Great Rewards With HiLo Switch Pro

HiLo Switch Pro is a great title from Net Entertainment. It is a card based game that features the great graphics that features in all of Net Entertainment’s titles. They have taken a break from their usual online slot titles and decided to place players at a card table with a high stakes game of HiLo Switch Pro. This title plays in a similar way to many bonus games available in online slot titles where you must make a wager on whether the next card in sequence will have a higher or lower value.

The HiLo Switch Pro  Game Rules

Players are presented with a felt card table and a selection of three cards. Each card on the table will have an option to select Hi or Low. There are two icons to click above and below the card which says hi or lo. If you are not happy with the card selection on the table you can click to have the cards be re-dealt. The game uses a standard deck of fifty two cards with the joker cards removed. In the game the value of the cards starts at the Ace, with the Ace acting as the number one. The highest value card in the game is the King.

Placing Wagers In HiLo Switch Pro

HiLo Switch Pro features three tables to choose from, each with its own unique high and low wager amounts. First up is the Low Roller Table. On this table you can wager between 10 cents and 5 Euro on each card. This is a great table to get used to the game and figure out your wager strategy. From here you can move to the Standard Table where the wagers are raised to 1 Euro for the minimum bet and 40 Euro for the max wager. There are some great wins to be had here, but once you are ready you can move up one tier to the high roller table. Here the wager limits are pushed up to 25 Euro and 250 Euro. The return to player percentage in HiLo Switch Pro 96.62%

How To Play HiLo Switch Pro

You start the game by placing your wagers, and then you receive three cards on the game table. The amount displayed next to each card is the amount you will win when selecting the correct high or low card. You will also notice that the King and Ace do not show a high or low option next to them because they are the highest and lowest valued cards in the game. Once you have placed your wager and won, you will be able to either take your winnings or stake them on a higher risk wager. If you make a wrong choice you will lose your entire wager. So the increased winnings go along with increased risk. You can re shuffle the cards on the table twice. After you have used your two reshuffles you can earn them back. You earn one reshuffle after three wins.

The HiLo Switch Pro Display

The on screen display will show you how much money you have left in your deposit as well as your current bet amount and how much it will pay out for a win. You will also have a game setting menu in the left hand corner where you can adjust sound options as well as game speed.