iPhone Online tequila poker

iPhone Online Tequila Poker

With the myriad of online casino games available today, it’s no wonder that iPhone online tequila poker is now available for players around the world to enjoy on their favourite mobile device. But what is iPhone online tequila poker? We are going to explain the game below so as a player, you’re able to participate in this growing segment of the online casino world.

iPhone Online Tequila Poker Introduction

As you might have guessed, tequila poker is a card game which is based on poker. It is very fast paced and is known for being quite high intensity. In fact, this variant of poker is probably the fastest variant of poker you’re going to find. The game involves combining elements of poker with different elements of blackjack into one game. Whether a player wins or loses is decided using a set of values on cards that have been predetermined.

This variant of poker was first invented in 2005 as a way to combine two of the most popular online card games available. Its popularity has steadily increased since that time and it is still one of the most popular forms of online card games in online casinos around the world.

iPhone Online Tequila Poker Rules

To start with, the player has to place a bet.  The dealer uses a single deck of fifty two cards. After the player has placed a bet, the dealer will deal our four cards that are placed on the table face down. The player can then take a look at his cards, but the player does not want to share what cards he or she might have with other players.

After checking the cards, the player has to choose one of three options. The first option is the player can make a high tequila bet. The second option is the player can make a tequila poker bet. The final option is the player can decide to fold. There are two places on the table where players can either put their high tequila or tequila poker bets. If the player decides that they would like to bet, it must be equal to exactly how much is in the ante. If the player decides to fold instead, he then gives up the money that he already had put on to the table.

High Tequila vs. Tequila Bet

If the player has decided to bet, he or she is then given two additional cards. This is where things split. If the player made a high tequila bet, the cards are then scored by their values according the rules of blackjack except the ace is always worth a total of eleven points. The total of the point value of the 5 highest cards is taken. If the player managed forty six points or more than forty six points, his ante bet will pay additional and the high tequila bet he made is paid according to a pay table.

If the player made the tequila poker bet, their cards are scored according to the values they would be given in poker. The best five of the total six cards will be used to form the best poker hand possible. The player must have at least a pair of aces for their ante bet to pay more. The tequila bet is paid according to a pay table.