Online casino bonus UK

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Like any video game, card game or board game, online casino games come with bonus rounds, bonus amounts and free money to play with. That’s a lot of bonuses! And don’t we all want to take part in these special promotions and hand-outs from our gaming houses? So how do we find out which establishments have the best online casino bonus UK offers?

First we take a look at the different types of bonuses there are on offer and then we go hunting for the best UK online casino that houses all the offers mentioned. That way when we play, we are assured of gaining the best advantage by continuously being reinvigorated with bonus money to continue playing online.

The Sign Up Bonus

The signup offer is probably one of the most marketed online casino bonuses in the UK. This is because the gaming houses are trying to get you to sign up with their casino and play at their establishment. It’s true the sign-up offer can only be claimed once, but that means you should be looking for the best signup bonus possible to give you the best edge in the beginning of your gaming experience.

Should you look at the online casino bonus UK offer, the sign up offer is the most diverse, with three very distinctive and different types of offers and applications available. The first is the free money offer, where the act of simply signing up nets you a small amount for free to play with and test the casino.

Note the word “small” however, as these are usually very small amounts. The next most common in the UK’s Online Casino bonuses is the percentage offer, where the casino pays out a percentage of your first deposit at the gaming house. This sign up offer can bring in quite a large amount of free money to begin your play with, so take note of the limits incurred in these offers.

The best however is the match offer! The match bonus states that the online establishment in question will match your first deposit at their gaming establishment with an equal amount of free money to play with. Here is your best chance to gain the upper hand against the UK online casino with your bonus money. Out of the three distinct sign up offers, this particular sign up bonus will net you the most amounts to begin playing with.

The Loyalty Bonus

Many people do not look past the sign up offer, which is a grave mistake if you are looking for the upper hand whilst playing online. The Online Casino Bonus in the UK is not only made up of the sign up offer, it doesn’t stop there. Most online casinos offer loyalty bonuses for their long time playing customers as well and this should absolutely be taken into consideration.

While loyalty offers don’t necessarily give out as much as sign up bonuses in lump sum amounts, over time they add up to a lot more if you continue playing. The more you play, the more you earn and there are often tiers of loyalty rewards depending on how much you play at the online casino. If you take all of these into consideration when choosing your online gaming establishment to play at, you will find that some casinos offer a lot more incentive to play at and in turn give you a better chance of winning!