UK’s Top Online Slots

Ever since the invention of slots as far back at the 1800’s, the game has been massively popular with just about everyone who enjoys winning a big jackpot. But the game of online slots, from the UK to the States has come a long way since then, with hundreds (if not thousands) of different variations and pay-outs to spice things up.

Originally, before the game ever went online, the game of slots was just a simple 3 reel machine that activated with a metal pull arm, which gave it the name – the “one armed bandit”. But as the years went by and technology grew ever more complex, the slot machines became that much more fun with extra reels, more pay lines and greater jackpot rewards.

Online Slots for Everyone

This was especially true with the advent of the online slots, with the UK and USA leading the way forward. The new digital medium that online slots were now being played on, offered far greater options with a whole series of jackpot pay-outs, reels and mini games that could never be accomplished on a real slot machine. Even the video slot machines were outdone by the fancy graphics, extra game features and the accessibility of online slots UK games.

Today’s online slots games offer as much as 9, 15, 25 or even as many as 100 different pay lines! This is way more than any land based fruit machine can promise, and makes the list of games far more expansive, detailed and enjoyable. There are games made for every type of player, from simple setups and pay-outs to massively detailed gameplay options that include bonuses and mini games to give that extra punch while playing.

Play Online Slots in the UK

There are several reasons why the game of slots is enjoyed by so many people. The online slots games especially, are often in high demand by players all over the world. The reason for this is because this game of chance doesn’t require a dealer can be played solo and can be played for high stakes or low stakes depending on the game and its options. Then of course there are the massive jackpot pay-outs that some online slots games offer.

Many people favour these options over what other online games offer and can switch between their favourite online slots games on a whim depending on their mood. Some players relish the extra features and mini games that come with modern online slots UK options; they enjoy the additional gameplay, fantastic graphics and animations as well as the cool sound effects and gameplay.

Themed Online Slots

But why stop there? Designers of modern day online slots games choose popular themes for their games that are inspired by our favourite TV shows, comic book characters and well known novels. Who wouldn’t enjoy a themed game of slots while playing online, it makes the unfamiliar feel familiar and throws in a new element of fun that just make the game that much more enjoyable. So login today and find your favourite themed online game of slots and get playing, that jackpot isn’t going to win itself after all!