Space Wars NetEnt Online Video Slot

In one of its most detailed video slots to date, Net Entertainment has taken on the popular space theme once more to create Space Wars. With five reels and 40 fixed paylines, Space Wars has an estimated average RTP of 96.8% and a top jackpot of 10 000 coins.

The Setting, Stars and Story of Space Wars

Space Wars has taken its place in the video slot category very seriously and offers a highly engaging visual interface. A host of grotesquely ugly yet somehow still adorable alien beings, who may likely be distant cousins of the cast of Pixar’s Monsters Inc. movie, appears on the reels to battle for possession of a magical rose-coloured crystal.

The various Space Wars aliens are not set in actual reels but rather float alongside each other in five reels by four rows. Whenever an alien forms part of a winning Space Wars payline combination, it comes to life in its own unique and entertaining animated sequence.

These floating symbols appear against the backdrop of, obviously, some region of outer space and do their thing to the tune of fittingly space-aged and suspenseful soundtrack. To the right of the invisible reels, beneath the Space Wars logo, is a large glass container, which, as will be explained shortly, serves a very valuable purpose.

Coin Denominations and Bet Limits

Although Space Wars players must wager on all 40 bet lines, they may adjust their coin values as well as the number of coins wagered per line. Space Wars coin denominations range from 0.01 to 0.50 credits and players may wager up to 10 coins per line.

All Symbols are Stacked

A very unusual element of Space Wars that significantly changes the way the game works is the fact that all of its symbols, including the wild, can land stacked on the reels during both the main game and re-spins.

When symbols are stacked, the same symbol covers an entire reel. This can obviously considerably up the odds of winning combinations being landed.

The Space Wars Wild

Like all the other symbols in the game, the Space Wars wild symbol – which appears simply as the word “WILD” in bold, white capital letters – can appear stacked. However, it can only come up on Reels 2 and 4. As per the video slot standard, the Space Wars wild can substitute any other symbol to complete winning payline combinations.

Re-Spins from the Cloning Pod

Now for that glass container mentioned earlier. As it turns out, this container is actually the Space Wars cloning pod and effectively makes up for the game’s lack of other bonus features. Whenever a winning payline combination is formed, the alien who appears in that combination is beamed up from the reels and reappears inside the Space Wars cloning pod.

The Space Wars alien in question is then cloned and the resultant horde of identical extra-terrestrials is returned to the reels for a free re-spin. Their presence during the re-spin clearly improves players’ offs of forming winning combinations.