The sports betting market is one of the most rapidly growing industries in the world today. What with the expulsion of the once stringent taboo around gambling in general, as well as the increasing availability and methods of betting practises, the popularity has grown immensely and is predicted to continue on this upward trajectory.

Not only do people place wagers with the more traditional bookmaker or “bookie”, but with the advent of high speed, reliable internet connections, there is also an increasing number of safe and attractive online betting sites to choose from thus allowing people to bet from the comfort of their own home or on the move by means of their mobiles. Continue reading “Why the All Whites are Worth Wagering On”

Many people think prob bets are just a gimmick, and that you can’t win much with them. And while there are some very absurd prop bets, you shouldn’t dismiss them on those grounds.

A prop bet is a bet made during a sports game about some occurrence that may occur during the game, but is not related to the game’s final outcome. You could bet on the outcome of the coin toss, the number of strikeouts a pitcher will accumulate in a baseball game, or which team will score the first points in a game. Continue reading “Why Proposition Bets Are A Good Option”

Most countries are pretty clear about whether betting on sports is legal, and make it well known to citizens of the country. In Canada, however, there are a few grey areas in the betting world that deserve a closer look, especially if you are a Canadian resident looking to place a few bets.

First, betting on sports is legal in Canada, but with a very strict sub clause. Betting on sports is legal only if using the provincial government established and run entities. In this fashion Canadians may place bets on whichever sporting event they see fit, as long as they use this method. Continue reading “Canadian Sports Betting Laws”

Who doesn’t love an underdog story? Rocky was a legend, after all, because he somehow always managed to be the underdog rising to beat impossible odds. Real life sports are also full of underdog stories, and the NHL, National Hockey League, is certainly no different.

There have been a number of amazing NHL underdog team stories, all of which have managed to get the fans off their seats and cheering. Some underdog stories, however, have been so great as to pass into legend, spoken about for years afterwards. Here are some of the most amazing NHL underdog stories in history. Continue reading “Biggest Underdog Wins In The NHL”

One market growing in popularity at online sportsbooks that accept punters from New Zealand is live betting. Markedly different from the other markets, it makes it possible for punters to bet on various sporting events as they happen.

The market offers punters many of the betting options found in regular markets. However, certain types of bets tend to be favoured more than others, and those bets are seldom straight win bets.

Before signing up for live betting at an online sportsbook, punters should check that the sportsbook is of good reputation. Continue reading “Live Betting Online in New Zealand”

League of Legends, also referred to as LoL, is a popular ESport. An ESport, for those who may not be aware, is a video game played on a professional level. ESports have been rapidly gaining popularity in New Zealand and the world, sparking a massive increase in bet making on ESport games.

League of Legends, being a game played by millions across the world, has been a central focus of much of the bet making activity. Continue reading “League of Legends Betting”

Hatrick is one of New Zealand’s most popular greyhound raceways. With more than 100 race meetings held every season, it is the hub of greyhound betting on the Central Districts.

It is also one of the most popular betting markets at online bookmakers. Punters are able to place a variety of bets on races held at the track once they have deposited money into their bookmaker accounts.

Greyhound racing remains a favourite sport among punters, and the industry continues to thrive. Almost 1000 dogs are bred for racing annually, and the number is supplemented by 500 more dogs brought from Australia to run in races. Continue reading “Online Hatrick Greyhound Race Betting”

Golf may trace is origins back to Scotland in the 15th century, but America gave the sport its present popularity. America is the world’s biggest market for golf, and is home to nearly half the world’s players and courses.

Golf is a game played and enjoyed worldwide. It is an absorbing sport or pastime or hobby, whatever you choose. It is a game respected and played by millions in every country, with an ardent and committed fan base. It has its own philosophy and etiquette, as well as its own terminology. Golf offers a series of regular tournaments, world championship events and major competitions. Continue reading “Golf Betting Can Be Absorbing and Lucrative”

Horse race betting is a very popular past time all around the world, both between serious punters and casual race goers. The racing lifestyle is huge, with many tracks hosting many race days across the globe.

Betting on horse races began in the mid 1800’s in Australia, when the first thoroughbreds were shipped over from both America and England. Since then the culture has grown to extend to the surrounding islands such as Tasmania and New Zealand and the rest of the world from South Africa to Sweden holds their own race days. Continue reading “Horse Race Betting”

Hatrick racetrack lends itself to high-octane greyhound racing action. Hosting in excess of one hundred race meetings each season, Hatrick provides punters with top class greyhound betting opportunities.

Greyhound racing across Australasia is a highly competitive organized sporting event. Punters should keep in mind that wagering on greyhound racing differs vastly from horse racing.

Greyhound racing is far more opportunistic. The discipline relies on the greyhound’s individual capabilities, rather than the combined efforts of the jockey and horse. Continue reading “Hatrick Racetrack Betting Tips “